In a recently published peer reviewed study done in Australia, researchers found that subjects reported less pain after taking Curcugen twice a day for 8 weeks. Curcugen is the active ingredient in our High Absorption Turmeric. These 101 subjects with osteoarthritis were an average of 58 years old and from both genders. 

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a disease of the whole joint. There have been many studies conducted on the efficacy of curcuminoids (the beneficial ingredient in turmeric) on OA. But the previous studies were questionable due to small study populations and protocol design. This study sought to fix those areas by using an ethnically diverse population in Australia as well include functional assessments of joint performance to reduce evaluation bias. 

If you’d like to read the original study click here. 

What does this mean? In short, if you suffer from OA, taking our High Absorption Turmeric may significantly decrease your pain. According to the chief investigator, “The data that has been obtained for Curcugen identify it as a promising, well-tolerated and naturally derived joint-support option.”

You might ask, how is this turmeric different from other turmerics on the market? 

The answer comes from the medical director of DolCas Biotech, the company who created Curcugen: “In contrast to certain generic curcumin products, Curcugen’s unique formulation preserves the original complex of curcuminoids, essential oils and polar resins within a natural matrix. These naturally occurring constituents synergistically increase curcumin bioavailability and, as supported by this trial, its efficacy in the treatment of OA of the knee.”

While our product may not be the cheapest on the market, we believe it is the highest quality for the best price. 

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