No one deserves to be in pain.

Medication Management

Osteopathic Manipulation

Sports Medicine

Prosthetics and Amputees


Medtronic Pump Management

Medication Management

We believe in a balanced approach to managing your pain. Below are a few ways to manage pain with medicines and supplements.

Natural Products to Calm Your Pain

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Magnesium with Melatonin

NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories)



Muscle Relaxers

cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril)




Neuropathic Medications



Opioids (click for more info)

Avoid if possible due to addiction and side effects





Sports Medicine

We want you to get out there and enjoy life. Unfortunately, we sometimes get hurt. We are there for you after these unfortunate events.

Physical Therapy

We will help you find a great therapist near your home or work.

Home Exercises

No time for therapy? We will hook you up with a set of home exercises.


When exercises are not enough, we can do an injection using ultrasound guidance to get you back to the activities you love.


Injections that can be performed in the office are done on site using ultrasound guidance when needed. For more complicated injections, Dr. Higgins does procedures under x-ray guidance at Mountain View Surgery Center on Greenfield and Guadalupe every Wednesday.

Epidural Injections

Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar

Facet Pain

Medial Branch Blocks

RF Ablations

Facet injections

Ultrasound Guided Injections

Most joints and ligaments in the body can be injected using ultrasound guidance

Pump Trials

Baclofen for Spasticity

Fentanyl for Pain

Osteopathic Manipulation

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, or OMT, is a set of hands-on techniques used by osteopathic physicians (DOs) to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness or injury. Using OMT, a DO moves a patient’s muscles and joints using techniques that include stretching, gentle pressure and resistance.

As part of their education, DOs receive special training in the musculoskeletal system, the body’s intricate system of muscles, nerves and bones. This advanced training provides DOs with a keen understanding of how the body’s systems are interconnected and how each one affects the others.

When appropriate, OMT can complement, and even replace, drugs or surgery. In this way, DOs bring an important dimension to standard medical care. (from

Dr. Higgins is no longer performing OMT in the office.


Migraine Headaches

Suboccipital Neuralgia


Prosthetics & Amputees

Dr. Higgins is the Director of the Amputee program at Encompass Health Rehab Hospital. He sees amputees in his office and participates in a support group for amputees once a month called Lively Limbs. He will work with your prosthetist to make sure your limb fits just right.

Referral for New Prosthesis

Physical Therapy Referral to someone who knows prosthetics

Referral for Prosthetic Adjustments

Treatment for phantom pain



RF ablation

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Medtronic Pump Management


Synchromed II Intrathecal Pump

Intrathecal Drug Infusion System for Chronic Pain Management:

The SynchroMed™ II programmable, implantable pump delivers drug to the intrathecal space via an implanted catheter. SynchroMed™ II pumps are designed to help eliminate systemic opioids and provide effective pain relief.

How SynchroMed™ II Works

The drug enters the pump through the reservoir fill port and passes through the reservoir valve and into the SynchroMed™ II pump reservoir. At normal body temperatures, pressurized gas that is stored below the reservoir expands, exerting pressure on the reservoir. The pressure helps advance the drug into the SynchroMed™ II pump tubing.

The peristaltic action of the SynchroMed™ II pump moves the drug from the pump reservoir, through the pump tubing, check valve, catheter access port, and implanted catheter, to the infusion site.

The catheter access port (CAP) allows injection of the drug into the implanted catheter for drug administration and diagnostic purposes. Drug injected into the CAP bypasses the SynchroMed™ II pump mechanism and goes through the catheter port into the implanted catheter to the infusion site. (from

Used for Both Spasticity and Pain

Baclofen is used for Spasticity

Morphine is used for Pain

Pain pump or Baclofen trial is necessary before considering therapy

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